To Request Prayer

Persons added to the prayer list will remain for four weeks, after which you may resubmit if desired.

When You Pray, Remember . . . 

Our Members:
Jane Whittington, Rick Passman, Larry Aycock, Charles Schilling, Judy Foster, Carl Ray, Grace Grenn, Derrel Allen, Marla Henry Kennedy, Heidi Lewis, Jack & Betty Covington, Lynda Lee, Matt Root, Dr. Lamar Burrow, Nelda Sibley, Dr. Tom Carey, Kate Fontenot, Missy Hancock, Jack Dumas, Faye Price, Jane Richmond, Nancy Felder, Martha Lamkin, Bobbie Kenna, Hannah Nieman, Helen Elise McMillan, Cindy Quayle.

Our Friends:
Victims of the Playground Shooting and their Families, The Family of Mack Brabham, Cleve Whittington, Sarah Carr Lenoir, Gary Little, The Family of Martin Dunagin, Jamey Walton, Sandra Stone, Steve & Kathy Jones, Landon Stamps, Rodney Thomas, Beverly Carr, Catherine Grenn Wilfong, Emily Mote, Scott and Debbie Perkins.