To Request Prayer

Persons added to the prayer list will remain for four weeks, after which you may resubmit if desired.

When You Pray, Remember . . . 

Our Members:

Scott Nieman, Norma Krapac, Nolan Christopher Price, Mike Wimberly, Larry Karst, Greg Gibson, Lamar Murrell,  Wayne Starnes, Elouise Lee, Jane Richmond, Jack Dumas, Faye Price, Hannah Nieman.

Our Friends:

The Family of Harold Breeland, Josh Malone, Jason Blaney, Carolyn Johnson, Donald Dick, The Family of Beverly Gary, The Family of Amos Parker, The Family of Richard “Dick” Root, Taylor Powell, Jared Brister, Will Jones, Blair Alford, Kamryn Lampton, Freddie Eberhardt, Laney Carlye, Stephanie Davis White, Emily Mote, Charles Ray, Jim (Sarge) Everett, Jack Covington Jr., Jon Gazzo, Debbie Fesmire, Jo Ellen Carruth, Patsy Brooking.